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Expecting Multiples?  Already Have Multiples?

Multiples centered support for ALL ages and stages of your parenting journey

Don't worry, you don't have to go through it alone!  The Twins, Triplets & More Association of Calgary (TTMAC), is a non-profit organization that is volunteer driven.  We have over 500 member families in Calgary and surrounding area, that provide support and friendship, as well as opportunities for courses, workshops, playgroups and fun socials!   

TTMAC has joined Multiple Births Canada (MBC).  With your TTMAC Membership, you will    also have access to the resources that MBC offers.  

Parents of multiples have always known raising multiples was a different experience.  Back in 1970, five women responded to a newspaper ad seeking others to share the joys, tears and frustrations of raising twins.  Since then, our association has been known by many names, but has continued to serve the primary purpose of the initial gathering.  In 2011, TTMAC celebrated our 40th birthday with the grand opening of our office, located in SE Calgary.

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Our Spring Sale will be April 30, 2016

Bowness Community Association (7904-43 Ave NW)

Public Admission 9 am to 1 pm

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