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Expecting Multiples?  Already Have Multiples?

Don't worry you don't have to go it alone! The Twins, Triplets & More Association of Calgary (TTMAC) is a non-profit association dedicated to providing parent based support for parents of multiple birth children. Centered in Calgary, Alberta, we serve families with multiples in a number of surrounding communities in the region.

Our members know what it's like to have two or more in diapers, car seats, the classroom or at hockey practice and beyond. We offer multiples-centered support, resources, events and, most of all, camaraderie with people who understand what you are experiencing.

Look through our website to find out who we are and how you can become one of us. You'll also find information, as well as links, about various issues related to multiples.

TTMAC has joined Multiple Births Canada.  With your TTMAC Membership, you will have exclusive access to the resources that MBC offers.

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A Little History

Parents of multiples have always known raising multiples was a different experience. Back in 1970, five women responded to a newspaper advertisement that asked if others would like to share the joys, tears and frustrations of raising twins. Since then our society has been known by many names, but has continued to serve the primary purpose of that initial gathering.

The society incorporated in 1971 under the name Calgary Twin and Triplet Club. The name next became Calgary Parents of Multiple Births Association (CPOMBA). In 2001 we changed our name to Twins, Triplets and More Association of Calgary (TTMAC) to identify the purpose of our club more clearly.
In 2011, TTMAC celebrated our 40 birthday with the grand opening of our office.                                             

A non-profit organization made-up of parents supporting parents, TTMAC has over 600  families with multiples within and beyond Calgary's city limits. Our mandate has always been to provide support to parents of multiples on issues regarding multiple-birth children. 


Our Spring Sale will be April 30, 2016

Bowness Community Association (7904-43 Ave NW)

Public Admission 9 am to 1 pm

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