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Money tight?  TTMAC's mandate is to provide social and emotional support for ALL parents of multiples in Calgary and surrounding area, regardless of finances. You can apply to have your membership fee waived or reduced.  Please contact the office at or (403) 274-8703 for more information.

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All new members must provide Verification of Multiples, within 30 days of joining TTMAC

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Verification of Multiples

This is a one-time only requirement.  Verification must be received by the office within 30 days of becoming a TTMAC Member to access all of our services, courses and Facebook groups.  If you have any questions, please email


The following documents are acceptable to verify multiples:

  • Your babies' Provincial Health Care Cards

  • Your babies' Birth Certificates

  • Ultrasound (with surname)

  • Letter from Doctor 


You can provide documents by:

  • Email (scan document or take a picture of the document) to

  • Regular Mail (copies only please)

  • Come to the office during regular business hours  


  • TTMAC will not keep any copies of your verification documents.

  • Only our Office Administrator (a paid employee) will view and verify your documents.  This employee is bound by confidentiality and is held to high standards in regards to accountability and liability.          

  • If documentation is sent by email, it will be immediately verified on your account. You will receive a reply to your original email saying documentation has been received.  The email will not be printed and will be DELETED immediately following verification.
  • If documentation is sent by mail, it will be immediately verified on your account.  It will not be printed and it will be shredded immediately after verification.          
  • If documentation is provided in person during regular office hours, verification on your account will occur while you are present and no copies or photographs of your document will occur.


We welcome and encourage our members to contact the Board of Directors at and someone from the Board will contact you.  We hope this detailed information has provided assurance that your Board of Directors are working in the best interest of all its members and takes personal privacy very seriously.

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